The Six Essential Elements of Marcia’s Curriculum

  • Strong Technical Training rooted in classical ballet, but also extending to jazz, lyrical, tap and musical theater. It is our belief that the dancer must be conversant in a variety of dance forms in order to be the versatile performer required in today’s dance world.
  • Choreography / Style – Learn to combine technical and physical skills to develop one’s self, one’s own style.
  • Self Esteem – Know yourself. Feeling positive and confident within yourself, for dance is one of the few arts in which we, ourselves, are the material, and every dancer becomes the ultimate artist.
  • Creativity – Learn that you have the power and ability to create, using your own skill levels to create composition of your own artistry.
  • The Young Dancer – Pre-School (ages 3 & 4). Introducing the love of dance with patience, going in the right direction with technique and terminology (at their age level), and filling the classes with musical theater (Cats and Clowns and Sugar Plum Faries).
  • Master Classes / Work Shops (Intermediate and Advanced levels) Exposure to nationally known dancers, choreographers, and teachers. An excellent opportunity to see and learn from a wide range of dance styles in Pointe / Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater.

About Marcia

I have been teaching dance for over 40 years, and I still LOVE teaching. I started singing and dancing at age 4, singing on radio at age 5 and studied voice at McPhail School of Music in Minneapolis for over 7 years. I was lead singer in a top 40 group, dancer, director, and choreographer for a professional dance company for 7 years, director of Compete America Regional 5 State area competition for 11 years, and dance, dance, dance all the way!

Our school priority is self esteem (in every student). We concentrate on training technique and terminology. Ballet is our basic foundation for all forms of dance. We take great pride in our student’s skill levels. We audition for all performing groups, although performing is NOT mandatory. Love of dance is! Ballet is mandatory for all performing groups.

We do compete. Competition is a great experience, a time to be critiqued and make sure your skill levels are where they should be, keeping your focus on good training for the teacher and the student, always learning.

I still take master classes, for dance is a living and constantly changing art. I’m looking forward to taking my students to work shops. It’s a wonderful experience to take classes with teachers from New York, Chicago and L.A.. Many of my students have won ballet scholarships through Dance Educators of America and have gone on to dance programs in college and have danced professionally.

I have been a member of and certified by Dance Educators of America for over 40 years.

One of my favorites is the preschool classes. I start them at 3 years of age, and they always bring a smile into my day.

I have been a subcontractor, leasing space at Vineyards Community Center for 15 years. Never underestimate the quality of teachers at a Community Center. My Students have won hundreds of awards in regional, national and international competition. They have received Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. Many students have won numerous scholarships. We are a truly blessed school.

I am excited about being in Naples, with warm winters, good friends, and a goal to build a wonderful performing arts studio we can all be proud of.